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How To Fix HP Driver Issues In Windows 10

 Posted by hp Support on July 28, 2018

Hewlett Packard aka HP is a brand that has made a special place in the hearts and life of its users. The Hp laptops and all HP products for that matter, are highly efficient and compatible with other devices and hardly give any hard time to their users. Although, after all this goodness in the laptops, they still are susceptible to errors be it because of viruses or internal malfunctioning. Now the problem that we are discussing is that of drivers.

Through, no fault of Hp laptop, it is noticed that once you upgrade your Windows to Windows 10 version, the older drivers become obsolete and start to show errors. This is because new OS demands updated and compatible ones to work with. We also advice you to keep your drivers updated to eliminate any problem like this one. Follow the steps below to know the cure.

HP Technical Support
  • You can use Driver talent utility or others like this for this purpose, to ease the process.
  • You must scan all the HP drivers in your system. This will help you in locating the reason for this incompatibility.
  • Under scan results in the above mentioned utility, you will see a list of hardware drivers; you must choose whichever driver that best suits your needs like for update, deleting, installing or uninstalling.
  • You must install drivers for peripherals as well by clicking on Peripheral Drivers in the utility.
  • Voila! You are done after successfully downloading and installing all the necessary drivers.

For further information on this process or regarding any query, you can reach out to HP Technical Support Australia; they have a team of efficacious experts who will surely satisfy your needs.

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